#MusikJumat Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

This article should be posted on Friday but the owner of this blog who happens to be…me, forgot it :p

I am going to talk about one of my favourites singer/writer, Jason Mraz. To choose one favourite song among his songs is tough. It is the second hardest thing to do. The first one is learning Arabic :p

In my very humble and honest opinion, Jason Mraz is a complete package. He may not be as handsome and hot as Adam Levine but he is…handsome, right? and hot! He is also very smart (brilliant i must say), witty and most of all he is passionate in environmental issues. He is also very good at writing. His songs are always written beautifully. Most of them are about love. Love to your partner, your family, friends, earth and all in between. How can you resist this kind of guy? He is the kind of guy I can spend my raining Saturday afternoon just by talking about everything while sipping a hot choco *hi husband! :p*

A very good friend of mine, Yuni, currently living in Warwickshire, England with her husband, is a Jason Mraz die hard fan! Jason Mraz number one fan, I must say. She’s been a fan since forever. Here I let you peek her page and read her writing, expressing her feeling to Jason Mraz. Yuni is a freelance writer (and a good photographer too!), her writings are of course more enjoyable than mine :p

I was so happy when I knew Jason Mraz will be on Singapore for his world tour series in order to promote his new albumThe tour is called an Acoustic Evening with Jason Mraz and Raining Jane, performed on November 17th. Who is Raining Jane? Well, Raining Jane is an independent eclectic rock-folk band based in Los Angeles, California. Raining Jane and Jason Mraz have been writing musics together since 2007. And now they are collaborating for Jason Mraz’s 5th album, Yes!. Man, I suggest you to buy the album because..because every song is beautiful. I am speechless I don’t know how to describe it hehehe.

When I heard the news of the tour (from Yuni, of course), I spontaneously checked the ticketing website and purchased one ticket for myself (well my husband wanted to go too but who will babysit L if we both go? It’s very thoughtful of him for letting me go myself and take care of the house and the kid <3). It was my second time to be able to watch him live in a show. The first time was in jakarta, 2 years ago.


Since it’s Jason Mraz’s, I would like to get the best experience money can buy, enjoying his music mixed with small chit chats, a very-Jason-Mraz-fashion of show. But … the concert was performed in the biggest theatre in Singapore, it can hold up to 5000 people, so I was thinking that I will sit very far from the stage no matter what ticket I bought. I was kind of disappointed, but that feeling was lost in a millions of excitement. I enjoyed the music religiously, every part of the show, every songs he played, every stories he shared, everything was so beautiful. It was very intimate. I felt like I was the part of the show. I came home smiling all the way 🙂 It was worth every penny.


Enough with the stories and back to the #MusikJumat. I am still confused, I don’t know what to choose. His songs are all good to me. So okay, I choose this song for you to enjoy. Randomly pick from my itunes library. Coming from his 4th album LOVE is a Four Letter Word, here it is…

I Won’t Give Up.


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