1. I like to do domestic chores. They are therapeutic.
  2. I like my coffee with milk. But after I finished my first Whole30, I think black coffee with coconut milk is okay.
  3. I like lipsticks. Colors make me happy.
  4. I don’t like wires. I hope, someday there will be no wire in this world. All electronic devices should be wireless.
  5. My kid L, I named here after my fav character in a tv series, 30Rock.
  6. I like Tina Fey.
  7. I am a Potterhead.
  8. Before I met my husband, I never thought about marriage. I thought, marriage is boring.
  9. This is my 5th blog. I shut down 4 of them and maybe I will stick with this one. just, maybe.
  10. I want to live in Rusia.
  11. My left nostril is bigger than the right one.
  12. I like to ride a bus, around the town, listening to some musics.
  13. Related to point number 1, I like the smell of dishwashing liquid.
  14. I believe I was a ladybug in my previous life.
  15. I believe in fairies.
  16. I work (remotely) for a Boss from the Indonesian MoPW. I have been working for him since 2008.
  17. I also work (remotely) as a Communication Officer in the largest Indonesian NGO dedicated to the conservation of the Bornean orangutan and its habitat.
  18. I write and I am still available for hire 😀 
  19. I am currently suffering from chronic lower back pain. NO MORE YAY!
  20. I am taking Iyengar yoga class to heal that. FINISHED THE FIRST BATCH!
  21. We’ve been living in the little red dot for almost 3 years now.
  22. I love it here. Everything is so organised and clean and pretty and all!
  23. I am not into crafting. I just can’t I don’t know why.
  24. I’m passionate about women issues.
  25. Saya gak suka orang bersin dan ngupil. Kalo mau bersin pas ada orang, tolong ditutup dan jangan keras-keras. Kalo mau ngupil, setiap pagi aja pas selesai mandi, di kamar mandi, jadi tangannya langsung dicuci. Kalo pas sendirian sih bebas. Pokoknya kalo pas lagi bareng-bareng, tolong bersin dan ngupil (dan kadang sendawa) ditahan dulu. :p
  26. I will add some more when I remember.

If you wish to contact me you can send me an email to ajengika.n@gmail.com or simply fill this form:




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